Estime & Sens

A ritual of relaxation and pleasure.
Estime & Sens our New Organic, Vegan, Eco-conscious and clean, natural beauty of the highest quality.
A ritual of relaxation and pleasure. That’s why they have created high-quality products that are healthy, effective and pleasant to use, and that invite you on a unique sensory journey.

Whilst being 95% plant-based, this organic skincare is still highly effective in treating skincare issues like dehydration, congestion, fine lines & wrinkles because the key ingredients are scientifically proven.
This facial is so luxurious and cocooning.

With delicious aromas and textures, your therapist will hand-pick the best products for your skin. Resulting in a facial completely bespoke to you!
Add in cozy blankets, heated couches and dimmed lights, this is an experience not to be missed!

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